Mus Greet

The First Social Media
App Made for Muslims By
Muslims To Unite Your
Local Communities.

mus greet connects you with others based on your interests, skills
and faith goals. Our aim is to create cohesion in the local community
to accelerate togetherness, security and strength. You can now follow
your local mosque, search locally for businesses or services, network
and grow the ummah.

Why mus greet?


It’s Free

Mus greet is free to join


Teenager friendly with a focus
on inspiring growth


Connect to your local


Keep up to date with the
latest news and events locally


Strengthen your knowledge
in Islam

Social Circle

Strengthen your knowledge
in Islam


Network, create and pursue



Safe and secure registration


Search for others based on similar interests, skills and faith interests


Customise yourpersonal profile


Chat with your friends in real time

Get Updates

Follow your local mosque and receive regular updates


Search mosques based on
location, sect and facilities

Local Business

Search for local businesses or
services and give back the community

How our app can make a difference for you!

Mus greet aims to connect the diverse population of a local community together regardless of race or sect. We want to strengthen
communities in the UK by cultivating friendships, education, opportunities, growth and taqwa, building a better future for the ummah.

Group 2814@3x

Community Members


Local Businesses


Local Mosques

Contribute to our platform

Mus Greet Media aims to create appealing content through different mediums including podcasts, videos and blogs, inspired by talented individuals in our community.

Our podcasting studio will address the pressing issues in our world. We want to motivate our listeners to do more for themselves and the people around them. By having important conversations we can build safer spaces, achieve more and inspire others to do the same. If you’d like to be a host, have a story to share, or know someone interesting that needs to be interviewed, tell us!

Our blogs will bring you compelling stories, helpful tips and advice and highlight current events. Click here to submit a blog!

mus greet videos will be original and diverse! We want to put the amazing people of our communities in the spotlight, from dawah-focused programs to conversations about mental-health, fun cooking segments and more. We hope to keep our audiences engaged and informed. If you’d like a segment on our platform, contact us with your idea!

We are looking for inspiring people to interview, host and creatives! If you’re interested in collaboration opportunities, we’d love to hear from you!

Your thoughts!

We are continuously developing and improving mus greet to cater to our audience better and to ensure we are providing
the best tools and features. What would you like to see infuture versions? Share your feedback and ideas.

    Support our Project

    “A believer to another believer is like a building whose different parts support each other.”

    The Prophet then clasped his hands with the fingers interlaced while saying that.” (Bukhari)

    Our app will help will benefit everyone not just Muslims. When we strengthen the communities we live in, we create better societies leading to a better world.

    Support us in furthering app development and creating better services for our communities where we’ve been long ignored. With our greatest intentions, we want to make this the #1 app for Muslims. Join in on the reward Inshallah.

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